Score – 4 / 5

Title – Vanilla, Producer – Jayaramu, Direction – Jayathirtha, Music – BJ Bharat, Cinematography – Kiran Hampapura, Cast – Avinash, Swathi Konde, Ravishanker Gowda, B Suresha, Pavana, Rehaman, Giri, Nanda and others.

The noted director of Kannada cinema Jayathirtha is an avid viewer of thrillers especially CID on Sony TV it seems. He has given a taut thriller with commercial elements and good message for the universe.

This is ‘Universal Vanilla’. The drug mafia rampant in most of the countries and its impact is at the outset a message this film passes with murder mystery, sentiment, love, comedy and a bit of action loaded in this 117 minutes ‘Vanilla’.

The first half is cool watch and second half takes your finger nails to the teeth. The exact happening you would not guess till the last frame of the film. The police department shown in right perspective that joins the hunt of ‘Vanilla’ is most wanted because police department is shown as corrupt in most of the films.

Avinash is a diplomatic guy. A mechanical engineering qualified youngster meets his childhood crush Anagha an Environmental Student. The journey of love is not bed of roses for the two. Anagha is affected with smoke phobia and shock in front of her also leads to wheezing. In a peculiar situation Anagha is saved by Avinash but things go hanky dory from this point of view.

The police are in search of Avinash car but mistaken identity of Avinash on Anagha takes him to Malaysia. As the truth is unraveled the killing of Pavana further shocks the scenario. Pavana is would be sister in law for Anagha and her brother Rehaman is on study holiday in Washington. The reason why Pavana was killed is what leads a clue to the ‘Vanilla’ episode.

What is this Vanilla? It is a cigarette wrongly fed in the contents and that is what Rehaman discover from his lab and hand over the report to Pavana. Pavana is firm on banning it as the youths life is going in wrong route.

With two murder mystery already in police files, the third investigation part is dangerous. How all the crackdown happens is the work of Avinash in support of Police.

Vanilla you would think as ice cream. It is not so in the film ‘Vanilla’. Vanilla is a commercial crop you imagine. It is not that too. It is a drug in cigarette formed by a Nagpur Company and become craze among the younger generation. The consumption of ‘Vanilla’ would reduce the strength of the consumer slowly.

Avinash is amazing in his first attempt as hero. He has lot of activity to perform and his macho personality, dialogue delivery and emotions are great going for him in cinema industry.

Shwetha Konde is emotionally good in her first film as heroine. It is not right to give tearjerker image from her first film. Ravishanker Gowda as cop and Nanda spectacular voice are attractive. Pavana and Rehaman combination have given a neat performance.

BJ Bharath scoring of two songs is aptly utilized in the film by Jayathirtha. Kiran Hampapaura cinematography has no humps. The wide angle shots and top angle are very absorbing.

You could easily watch this film with your family. Vanilla is an assorted pack of sweets of all flavors in it.


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