Getting back revenue happens in the later stages for this type of video songs. That is true says director, producer and Sharan Music Academy chief Shara Chaudhary.

For the first one in Kannada and Hindi – Gelathana and Dosthi, he has got 85000 and 55000 views in the You Tube. This You Tube also generates revenue depending upon the reach. It is a matter of time. Understanding this business calculations and running a Music Academy in his name Sharan Chaudhary set up a You Tube Channel to focus his products.

The new in the pipeline is ‘Manase Ninna Dariyu Ellige’ in Kannada and ‘Ye Man Kaha Chala’ in Hindi video album. He knows the trick of the trade for this video song. He has not come up with physical CD as there is absolutely no market for it today. His likeminded friends have invested on this project. Of course the same location for Kannada and Hindi – it is just change of songs in Kannada and Hindi.

Ravi D Chennannavar IPS, DCP Bengaluru west, Navin Chandra, RJ Shruthi, Vishwa Kariyappa, state award winning music director Poornachandra Thejaswi, participants in the song Rumith K , Dhanushri, Vijay lyricist, Raju choreographer and Chandan cinematographer.In Kannada and Hindi language famous playback singer Anuradha Bhat and Rumith delivered the song and in a high quality the songs were recorded in just 45 minutes and shoot for this song good in quality was held in Ballari surroundings including Jindal Factory.

Sharans Music Academy situated in RT Nagar has nearly 100 students learning music. It is from his team the talent is hunt and given a platform. At the same venue Nadabrahma Hamsalekha released ‘Gelethana’ and ‘Dosthi’ in Hindi album. The Kannada version has got 85000 viewers and Hindi album has 55000 viewers in the social media.

Sharan Chaudhari thanked his friends Ravi, Navin and others in supporting this bilingual video album. Vijay has written lyrics in Kannada and then translated it in to Hindi.

The recording with live instrument of songs was done by Ramesh in Chennai. We have invested heavily on this project he adds.


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