Virat Kohli says Anushka takes all the important decisions, she is the captain off-field…


The secret Bollywood-Cricket wedding of Anushka and Virat last year in December has already had the audience and fans in awe, but here is what Virat said in an interview to make them the couple goals.

Virat said that he might be the captain on fields but Anushka, his lawfully wedded wife is the captain off-field.

Now, you all must have seen Anushka supporting Virat and Royal Challengers Bangalore in all their matches. We have also stopped this beauty cheering up for her husband and the team and when she could not make up to the stadium, we have seen her watching the live match from her vanity and posting updates and cheering up boys to play well.

Anushka and Virat have been couple goals since they kicked out together. We have something really heartfelt that Virat said for Anushka in a recent interview. Here are his exact words;

“She (Anushka Sharma) is ofcourse (the captain off-field), she takes all the right decisions in life… She is totally my strength and she keeps me positive all the time and that’s what you want with your life partner so I’m very grateful”

On Anushka’s Birthday, we have seen them sharing a beautiful picture after the match of RCB. The couple was seen celebrating with cake and candles.

The cricketer also added;

 “People who contribute off the field they deserve a lot of credit as well. My wife who keeps me motivated deserves a lot of credit. She’s been criticised a lot in the past. But she’s one person who’s kept me going throughout the tour.”

Now, the captain and the lady are too cute together and also relationship goals.


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