What makes Katrina Kaif say that she might never work with Deepika Padukone


Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone never shared any warm bond, courtesy the guy they dated. It’s pretty obvious for girls to not share a great rapport if they dated the same guy and we all have been through similar situations. So when DP openly commented that Katrina won’t be invited for her wedding, it didn’t come as a shock to us. It was expected, but the bluntness in her answer was shocking. So when two B-Town ladies are at loggerheads against each other, you can never expect any director to cast them in the same movie. That just won’t happen and guess Katrina said it quite loud and clear.

In her recent interaction with the Hindustan Times, when the actress was asked to comment on the ‘pact’ that Alia had earlier spoken of, she had quite an interesting reply. She said, “I think it teaming up with Alia would be amazing. Not many know but I have been telling Adi for the longest time that someone should make a great, big-budget and a lavishly mounted film starring two girls with strong characters. I really hope he does something like that and I would love to do such a movie with Alia. I have a strong feeling that it would do amazingly well.” We are waiting for such a chick flick to go on papers since ages. But this was about Alia. So what about Deepika? Since she was a member of the same ‘pact’.

“As far as I am concerned, there is no pact or anything like that with Deepika in terms of working together”, Kat said when asked about Deepika. Now did she just mean that she would never work with the Padmaavat actress? We think so. And her comment has definitely saddened all their fans who always wanted to see them together on the big screen. Probably few years down the line, Katrina changes her mind and is willing to star with Deepika!


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