Rating : 4/5

Title – Loud Speaker, Producer – Dr K Raju, Direction – Shivathejas, Music – Harshavardhana, Cinematography – Kiran Hampapura, Cast – Bhasker Ninasam, Kavya Shah, Sumanth Bhat, Disha Divakar, Karthik Rao, Abhishekh Jain, Anusha, Rangayana Raghu, Dattanna, Jaya, Anupama and others.

Mobile is a maniac today. Mobile is making life immobile. Mobile is taking away life. Mobile with other social media attachments are a big bane to the society.

For the masses who is going to tell the ills of this Mobile? It is only mass media can attempt in keeping awareness of loads of developments that are moronic to the society.

That is what director Shiva Thejas and team with ‘Dangerous Game’ has done just sitting across a dinner table. The various emotions and mobile misuse, the secret the mobile contains that is so dangerous to trust of living partner etc you would find with many interesting twists and turns in this ‘Loud Speaker’ Kannada cinema. It is a talkative cinema!

It is a surprise package from Shiva Thejas. The screenplay of director is tremendous. There is no boring moment once the wine and dine starts in the house of a doctor and his wife – played by Sumanth Bhat and Disha Divakar.

In the house of the doctor two more married couple Bhasker Ninasam and Kavya Shah, Abhishekh Jain and Anusha plus a divorcee Karthik Rao assemble and the game begins – all seven at the table should keep their mobile on and loudspeaker mode is a must so that all can hear.

The secrecy of all is now open to seven and the various phone calls that come expose each and every one of his secrets. This is the funniest part and also eye opener of the film. All of them secrets tucked in their mobile and it is a dangerous especially for Abhishekh Jain as he gets a ‘Nude Photo’ at 10 pm every night.

To escape from this moment he exchanges his mobile with Karthik Rao a divorcee. The scene reaches a boiling point as he starts receiving a gay call. This flares up the situation and when the level of the narration goes extreme – Karthik stuns everyone by admitting that he is a ‘Gay’ in life after his wife divorced him because of that reason.

Finally the search is for Kavya who doubts her husband Bhasker Ninasam. The opener is something else when Kavya is traced with police supporting this search.

The three couple and Karthik Rao are extremely good and they have understood the situations that they have to take part very well.

The best comes from Rangayana Raghu as a cop when the narration takes place in a flash back. The advice Rangayana Raghu makes with hard hitting dialogues are superb.

The background score, editing, cinematography are on top gear. The film is a must watch by family audience. The focus is multifold.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Don’t miss this – it is everyone film in the rampant mobile and social media supremacy.




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